SPUG: Real world "brand name" Perl application

David Innes (CSG) davidinnes at chicagoscience.com
Mon Aug 15 10:22:14 PDT 2005

"The hold-out Perl programmers have resorted to naming their Perl CGIs
'.aspx" so they can be conformant with the world-class standards."

Hmm.  Almost all my perl-based web pages have .asp extensions (though
admittedly not .aspx.)  I wouldn't call it "resorting to" though.  PerlISAPI
executes more efficiently than CGI, and ASP pages with embedded PerlScript
is way easier to author than other embedded scripting languages like
CGI::Mason or (since I know and prefer Perl) PHP.

CGI scripts aren't exactly crippled, of course.  MovableType blog engine is
an extremely popular brand-name Perl CGI application that -- like all
competently written Perl applications -- runs well on multiple platforms.


Brief editorial rant: Rather than grouse about imagined encroachments Al
Gore and Bill Gates might make on Perl web-programming opportunities it
might be more productive to direct our bile towards PHP which seems to be
kicking our butts.  I can understand the appeal of PHP -- for a small
compromise in programming beauty, efficiency, and flexibility you get a
seamlessly embed-able scripting language in a format that designers and
other non-programmers can whale away in with standard web-authoring tools
like DreamWeaver and InDesign.  (Aside: Vim nicely parses and code-colors
ASP/Perl.)  Whatever you might think of Microsoft and the IIS/ASP platform,
worse things could happen to you than being stuck with ASP/Perl... for
instance being stuck with PHP instead.

		-- David Innes

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