SPUG: getpwent bug in find2perl

DeRykus, Charles E charles.e.derykus at boeing.com
Sat Aug 13 19:33:26 PDT 2005


> Consider this situation:

> unix$ find2perl . -ls > find_ls.pl	# Using latest File::Find v1.09

> <Later, somewhere in Redmond>

> C> find_ls.pl
> The getpwent function is unimplemented at -e line 1.

> I understand that getpwent() is a native Unix library function, and
that Windoze doesn't even have the passwd-file 
>  entries alluded to by the PW/ent part of the name, but I don't
understand why find2perl blithely composes a script 
> that depends on this function, when find2perl itself is principally
used to let Windoze people pretend to have a find 
> command.

> Anybody have any fixes for this (e.g,. use POSIX_something), or other

Were you hoping to get an emulation of 'ls -l' or would a simple 'ls'

perl -MFile::Find -le "find sub{print},'.'"  # Win32

Charles DeRykus

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