SPUG: How do I determine when a module became "core"?

Cantrall, Christopher W christopher.w.cantrall at boeing.com
Fri Aug 12 12:25:15 PDT 2005

I think I was reading about something like that last night in Perl
Medic.  Somewhere in chapters 9-12.  It might have just been identifying
versions of modules, however.  

I do know that the book has a listing of core modules & when they were
made core.  


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I installed a a command on my Linux box that tells me the number of the
Perl version when a specified module first became included in the
standard distribution. But I can't remember its name! I thought it was
something like "*core*", or "*module*", but those ideas don't lead me to

Can somebody help?

I promise to make a memorable alias to the command, if I ever find it
again 8-{

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