SPUG: Living in Seattle

Fred Morris m3047 at inwa.net
Wed Aug 10 05:14:02 PDT 2005

My $0.02US:

If you're H1-B, just remember that you can't talk about politics or you
will be deported. Your employer may interpret that very liberally,
including saying anything negative about them. Basically if you're in the
software industry in the US on a work visa, they own you.

The government's answer to any workplace abuse is going to be to deport
you. They don't investigate anything which isn't safety-related and in a
construction or industrial setting even now.

I'm willing to move to Australia however...

May I ask one really obvious question before I go? Thanks. This is the
software industry, right? So why do you need to work full-time in the US,
why can't they just bring you over occasionally (or temporarily), and then
cut you free to work from wherever you wish? It's just a rhetorical
question, but it's worth asking and it's worth seriously pondering the
answer you get to see if it has the ring of truth.


Fred Morris

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