Ken Meyer kmeyer at blarg.net
Mon Aug 8 16:42:36 PDT 2005

GSLUG'ers and Friends (not mutually exclusive?) --

It has been decided that THERE WILL BE NO GSLUG MEETING in August, on our
regularly scheduled date of August 13th (or any other day -- I wish that I
had the time to go up to NSCC and count the number who show up at the
regular venue anyway).

Not only is 13 a fabled unlucky number, but we have immanent, serious
matters to discuss involved with transitions in the reins of GSLUG's
leadership, with some current folks on a short count-down.  This is not a
subject for a potentially lightly-attended gathering in the summer doldrums,
where it is likely that a small minority could make decisions on behalf of
the entire group -- or at least that is my view.

Note that virtually all of our peer groups are also either not having
meetings in August or are substituting a picnic/bar-be-que for the usual
formal meeting.  So saying, we would enthusiastically invite anyone in the
group to organize an informal get-together, either at a private residence or
at a park in the area, on the normal Saturday or any other day, for that

We are working on a great event for September -- not yet in the bag
though -- in addition to the leadership discussion, of course.

Ken Meyer
for the GSLUG Orgs Crew

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