SPUG: prototypes Re: bot motel Re: Chip Salzenberg Defense Fund

Fred Morris m3047 at inwa.net
Sun Aug 7 04:40:32 PDT 2005

At 9:47 PM 8/6/05, Yitzchak Scott-Thoennes wrote:
>I know you didn't ask for feedback, but...prototypes? Blech!

Eh? No prototypes. Maybe this is an oversight. :-i

I actually do use them.. sort of, some of the time. I tend to put the
placeholders in the

  sub foo($;@)

declarations, and not bother with the actual prototypes.. they're ignored
with method calls in any case. But it does make things a little more
self-documenting if you happen to grep through an entire directory of .pm's
for some reason.

POD sucks, too! :-p

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