SPUG: Chip Salzenberg Defense Fund

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Essentially, Chip's being screwed for being conscientious.  

The company Chip worked for was committing acts which are either immoral
or illegal (harvesting consumer info without express permission), and
Chip called them on it.  When he shouted loudly enough, they started to
"annoy" him legally.  For instance, his accessing work servers from home
(to get work done, before this mess started) is being called a crime.
They were trying to intimidate him & shut him up, but that backfired.
They now seem to be trying to send a warning to others or "make him

FYI, all of that is from memory, I can't connect to
http://geeksunite.net/ right now.  

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I spent 10 minute on the linked site and still have essentially no idea
what this dispute is about.  Can you elaborate?

Ken Meyer

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Okay, I know. I know. I'm really pushing it with all the spam here. I'm
sorry. But I just talked to Chip Salzenberg to find out if the whole
employer lawsuit thing was for realz. Yep, it's real. They really set up
him the bomb. I wasn't really sure whether to believe the story since I
hadn't talked to anyone close to the issue about it ("But I read it on
the Internet!"). If you'd like to learn more about this issue or would
like to donate to help with Chip's mounting legal fees ($40k and
climbing), check


By the way, what other SPUGers are here that I haven't bumped into yet?

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