SPUG: Meeting CANCELLED -- 19 April 2005

Bill Campbell bill at celestial.com
Mon Apr 18 18:32:16 PDT 2005

On Mon, Apr 18, 2005, Andrew Sweger wrote:
>I don't recall if this has ever happened before. I am canceling the
>regular SPUG meeting for tomorrow, 19 April 2005.
>Note to other do-it-yourself home remodelers: consider wearing an
>appropriate filter mask when demolishing a 45 year-old basement staircase
>that might have lots of icky dust and crud in it. Who knows what's living
>and growing in my lungs right now, but it consumes the larger share of the
>air I breathe.

I wonder if that's worse than the time I sanded all the paint off the
fiberglass body of a Turner 950-S while wearing shorts and no shirt.  I
didn't sneeze a lot, but it sure was prickly for a few days.

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