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Andrew Sweger andrew at sweger.net
Fri Apr 1 00:57:05 PST 2005

Press Releases

OOP Leader Seattle Python Interest Group Acquires SPUG

Seattle, WA -- April 1, 2005 -- Seattle Python Interest Group (SeaPIG),
users of the highly acclaimed Python programming language, today announced
that it has acquired SPUG, the Seattle Perl Users Group, for an
undisclosed amount of cash. With the acquisition, SeaPIG solidifies its
position as the region's recognized leader in programmer user group.

The Seattle Perl Users Group, a languishing community of Perl programmers
who hold on to the dying programming language, is run by Andrew Sweger and
was founded by Dr. Tim Maher in 1993. Perl helped fuel the rapid growth of
Intarnet programming in the late 90's by offering geeks a free and
expresive language to build so-called "interactive" websites. Dr. Maher
said, "It's about time something like this happened. I've known for years
that Perl was going nowhere fast."

The SeaPIG organization will assume ownership of the SPUG assets and will
be renamed The Seattle Python Users Group effective immediately. All
members of the former SPUG organization are encouraged to buy a copy of
Programming Python right away and start learning a decent language for
once. Andrew Sweger, El Presidente de Facto del Spugo, will join SeaPIG as
the organizations minister of conversions, leading Perl programmers on the
one true path. Sweger says, "I for one welcome our new slithery overlords
(and a new Porche!)."

"Andrew and the Perl users will make a fine addition to the new SPUG,"
said Guido van Rossum, inventor of the Python language. "I think Adam
Feuer and Brian Dorsey made the right move in acquiring SPUG."

"We are now the only user group to offer the full range of programming
tools needed by modern programmers to the Puget Sound," said Adam Feuer,
co-founder of SeaPIG.

About SeaPIG
SeaPIG (Seattle Python Interest Group), based in Seattle, WA, is the user
group behind making the Python programming language popular in many
development shops in the area. SeaPIG's sole focus is to force whitespace
delimited structures on every programmer in its grasp.

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