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Pedant alert -- I'm an isstructor, too.

Don't get the words confused: splice and slice.

splice -- a built-in function

slice -- a concept.  An indexing (or lookup) operation on an array (or hash) that returns a list.

    @array_slice = @array[index list goes here];
    @hash_slice = @hash{key list goes here};

Brian's grep solution:

    For example this would work if you just want to remove every other

	@array = grep { %i++ % 2 }  @array;

Brian's solution used grep to pass every other array element.  (Code review note:  I'd add a "my $i=0" line before the grep line to be explicit about where $i starts.)

The following alternative uses grep to generate the indices for an array slice.

# As a one-liner.
@new_array = @old_array[ grep { $_ % 2 } 0 .. @old_array - 1 ];

# As a two-liner.
@indices = grep { $_ % 2 } 0 .. @old_array - 1;
@new_array = @old_array[@indices]; 


There's probably a bit more of a memory issue for my solution.  It has to hold the @indices array in memory, then the slice'd list in memory before it gets assigned.  For big arrays, this may be an issue.  You're probably on the cusp of where I'd benchmark it to see how it worked.  Otherwise, I'd be tempted to write the one that's more likely to make sense to me in 2 weeks or  6 months when I come back to maintain the code.

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