SPUG: lenght of string

O'neil, Jerome joneil at cobaltgroup.com
Wed Oct 6 11:30:12 CDT 2004

Jebuz, Tim, of all the people in the universe, I wouldn't have expected
pedantry from you.

perldoc -f length
     length EXPR
     length  Returns the length in characters of the value of
             EXPR.  If EXPR is omitted, returns length of $_.
             Note that this cannot be used on an entire array or
             hash to find out how many elements these have.  For
             that, use "scalar @array" and "scalar keys %hash"

Works for me, every time.


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On Tue, Oct 05, 2004 at 03:22:20PM -0700, O'neil, Jerome wrote:
> Yes it has!

Really?  Please explain.  What's %length EXPR, if not just a typo
for length EXPR?

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