SPUG: lenght of string

Ken Clarke kenslinux at shaw.ca
Tue Oct 5 16:31:01 CDT 2004

While we're on the subject of the length function...

I've noticed that ActiveState Perl v 5.8.3 seems to ignore the use bytes 
pragma mentioned in the docs.

This snippet reports the length as 3 bytes when in fact it's 4: 

my $string = "1\n2";
do {
   use bytes;
   print length($string);

I had to add the following work around when setting the Content-Length HTTP 
header for file downloading:

$size = length($download_file);
if ($^O =~ /win/i) {
   my $cr_count = $$download_file =~ tr/\n//;
   $cr_count ||= 0;
   $size += $cr_count;


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> %length EXPR has always worked for me.
> perldoc -f length for wisdom.
> -J

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