SPUG: more Help with DBI/ppm/ppd/mysql?

John hotscripts at thingk.net
Wed Nov 17 15:18:43 CST 2004

Do you understand this repository business?

What about uninstalling perl 5.8.4 and reinstalling 5.0005 and that 
dbi1.40?  That would recreate the environment this ran on in the old machine.

I've got nothing to lose by trying it.  I can uninstall everything and 
start over  - done that a few times :) !  At least we've got mysql running 
now and can see the data from a command line.  That part is OK.  Not sure 
where to get a binary of 5.0005 or how to install any other way.  I've 
downloaded the DBI1.40 tar.gz file and unzipped it to a local directory, 
then edited the ppd file to point to that local directory.  Then I created 
this "local" repository and turned off the default (Activestate) ones.
then I see Error: no suitable installation target found for package dbi

I think that either means that 5.8.4 wont take the dbi1.4....or that I 
don't have a "package" whatever that is.  Isn't the package the unzip files 
in that directory?

The blog system definitely craps out with the error
Unsupported driver MT::ObjectDriver::DBI::mysql: DBI object version 1.45 
does not match $DBI::VERSION 1.40 at C:/Perl/lib/DynaLoader.pm line 253.
When I've got dbi1.45 loaded.

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