SPUG: The SPUG Report, 16 November 2004 (fwd)

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Wed Nov 17 13:58:43 CST 2004

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On Tue, Nov 16, 2004 at 10:39:29PM -0800, Andrew Sweger wrote:
> We had a good turnout at the meeting tonight with about 28 folks (with
> approximately 8 of those from Amazon.com). Jonathan Swartz is an excellent
> presenter and has me thinking of taking a closer look at Mason as another
> tool in my arsenal of Perl munitions.

Sadly/happily, I was experiencing a rare bout of "writer's
revenge" (as in Montezuma's) this evening, the opposite of the
dreaded "writer's block", and had to take full advantage of
it. Consequently, I couldn't attend tonight's meeting.

But I'd be grateful if somebody could tell me how Mason and
the Template Toolkit compare in features, speed, support,
"coolosity", etc. I recall seeing a table addressing this
issue in an article on the web sometime back, but it was for
older versions of both tools, and will therefore not be very
useful nowadays.

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