SPUG: some code

C.J. Collier cjcollier at colliertech.org
Mon Nov 15 03:37:14 CST 2004

Hey all,

I've got code for a few of the web sites I've worked on sitting on my 
web server.  If anyone has lots of extra time and want to look at 
someone else's code, you can feel free to grab it here.  Note that 
colliertech.org code is out of date;  colliertech.org is now running on 
Apache 2.0, so I had to rewrite my mason components to use 
Apache::RequestRec instead of Apache::Request.  If anyone wants to see 
it though, let me know and I'll package it up :)

Also there is my code for a GTK+ 3d modeler.  Well, the building blocks 
at least.  I never got it to do more than load, display, and rotate the 
model.  I intend to rewrite it in C# one of these days.

Anyhow, have at it:



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