SPUG: Programmer/Writer opportunity -- multiple positions

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRWolf at att.net
Mon May 24 12:20:16 CDT 2004


Here's the full requirements for the position I mentioned on Friday.
I've since gotten the full text and clearance to post it.

    Programmer/Writer 1 qualifications plus 3-5 years work related
    experience required. Excellent technical writing skills required.
    The ability to read or write a high-level programming language and
    understand the principles of high quality software development is
    required. Must possess expert understanding of one or more major
    technologies, such as database design and development, networking,
    client/server applications, security, multimedia, or device
    drivers, etc. Must have demonstrated interest in, and knowledge
    of, broad but related areas of technology. The ability to be
    proactive in solving problems is required. Bachelor's degree in
    Computer Science or related field preferred. Work related
    experience may substitute for degree.

    Alie DeGon
    Sakson & Taylor, Inc.
    Direct Line 206-545-3633

Please follow-up directly to Alie DeGon; I've set the Reply-to field
of this message appropriately.


P.S. If you do pursue this opportunity, please let me (or the list)
know how it goes for you.

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