SPUG: Overly clever?

Adam Monsen adamm at wazamatta.com
Sat May 22 01:48:25 CDT 2004

On 21-May-2004 13:13 -0700, Michael R. Wolf wrote:
> First, a maintenance point -- since "Whizbang" seems a strange name
> (i.e. likely to be changed by someone when you publish it), perhaps a
> $package_name scalar could hold that, *and* be used in all the warn
> messages.  Change it once, and have all references change.  Constant
> refactoring, as Ingy would say.

Better yet, use the __PACKAGE__ literal in the warnings, etc., then
just change the package name where it's declared if/when you desire.

see perldata(1).

Adam Monsen <adamm at wazamatta.com>

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