SPUG: Geocoding System

Andrew Sweger andrew at sweger.net
Thu Mar 25 11:27:42 CST 2004

The folks at geocode.com (Tele Atlas) provide batch geocoding services as
well as client/server products (I think, I didn't read carefully). They
also provide sample client code in C that talks to their servers for
one-off geocoding. I didn't feel like getting a user account with them
just to see the C code, but I'm guessing that it could either be Inline'd
or the socket protocol could be reverse-engineered to a pure perl
implementation. Of course, if these folks are smart, they've already got a
XMLRPC/SOAP interface out there just waiting to make you happy.

On Thu, 25 Mar 2004, Peter Darley wrote:

> 	I'm going to have to be getting lat/long for a database that will
> eventually have tens of thousands of locations in it, so doing it this way
> would be pretty abusive. :)
> 	As to free, I'm not against spending some money on this, as long as I end
> up with something I can use easily from Perl.

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