SPUG: Perl logic module?

Stuart Poulin stuart_poulin at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 24 18:45:23 CST 2004

Don't forget too that perl has a built in parser - you can sub in strings then eval the string.
my $str = "-foo bar -a ( -bar stool -o -bar tab )";
$str =~ s/\s-a\s/ and /g;
$str =~ s/\s-o\s/ or /g;
$str =~ s/-foo\s+(\w+)/foo('$1')/g;
$str =~ s/-bar\s+(\w+)/bar('$1')/g;
print "$str\n";
my $results = eval $str;
print "Results = $results\n";
sub foo {
 my $arg = shift;
 return 1 if $arg eq 'bar';
 return 0;
sub bar {
 my $arg = shift;
 return 1 if ( $arg eq 'stool' or $arg eq 'drink' );
 return 0;

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