SPUG: Last night's meeting

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRWolf at att.net
Wed Mar 17 15:24:37 CST 2004

Brian Hatch <bri at ifokr.org> writes:


> 	print STDERR "random annoying debug statement\n" if $DEBUG;
> Just slap those 'if $DEBUG' tags on as needed.  Or to save typing
> 	$DEBUG && print STDERR "random annoying debug statement\n";
> Also has the benifit of making it obvious as you scan the left hand side
> of the script that you need not read this line.

Nicely paralleled. I like *both* styles, and like that you point to
the left-to-right scanning. 

I like to put the most important thing left-most. Occasionally that's
the argument to print, occasionally it's the truth state of the debug

P.S. Thanks for slipping the STDERR arg in, something I had left out
of my previous examples. Debug output should not pollute STDOUT.

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