SPUG: Hashes & Arrays class in March

Tim Maher tim at consultix-inc.com
Wed Mar 17 14:58:21 CST 2004

3/17/04 UPDATE:

In response to customer demand, we've just added a Perl class,
"Hashes and Arrays", to our training schedule for March.

The updated schedule is shown below.



St. Patrick's Day Sale!

Today only, all remaining seats in all classes listed below are
available at unprecedented discounts to preferred customers.

Registrations must be submitted to our web-site, and payments
arranged by charge-card or FAX'd PO, by 5pm.  

Registration is open at:

Call for prices and other details.

Erin go bragh,

-Tim Maher (formerly "Meagher")
(206) 781-8649

   -------------------- Class Schedule --------------------

        UNIX Fundamentals               3/23-3/26
        Perl Hashes and Arrays          3/29-3/30
        Perl Programming, plus Modules  4/05-4/07

          For further details and registration, see

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