SPUG: PWP hack session

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRWolf at att.net
Tue Mar 16 15:28:36 CST 2004

El JoPe Magnifico <ext-spug at jope.net> writes:

> FYI, this time conflicts with the BSD Users Group (seabug.org) meeting
> going on down the street at F5 from 6-8pm.  BTW, one of this month's
> two presentations at that meeting is on the Perl-y goodness that is
> SpamAssassin.

Sorry. Had I known....

BTW -- if anyone sees similar Perl-y announcements in other groups,
please cross-post 'em here. Many scavanging eyes are helpful if the PR
gets spread around.

> QCafe has a computer instructional area, according to their literature.
> Has anyone seen this?  (is it separate from the couple computers in the
> back right corner of the cafe?)  Is it a possible venue for presentations?
>  -jp

It's not appropriate -- only about 6 computers. And the public space,
although it would be great, is too public to monopolize with a normal
session. But it's just great for a hack session.


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