SPUG: Perl Users Using Perl (PWP) lightening talks

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRWolf at att.net
Mon Mar 15 18:40:28 CST 2004

What's up? I want to know. Programming-wise, that is.

So many of our meetings are one way (speaker to audience). That kind
of meeting segment is fine for some kinds of information exchange. I'd
like to supplement it with another kind of interchange, aimed at
hooking up and hacking out.

At the 1st ever SPUG meeting (and 6th anniversary of SPUG!), I would
like to spend some time getting to know what's up our SPUGly
private/professional programming lives.

The format is simple:
  Lightening talk - up to 5 minutes on any topic

Mark Jason Dominus has facilitated these at YAPC, OSCON.

I'll facilitate them at the March meeting.

Some ideas:

 - I've been working on Project-X. It's really cool. Here's why.

 - My favorite module is Module::X. Here's why.

 - My project is stuck. Here's what works, what's broken, and what
   I've tried. Ideas?

 - I'd like an outside perspective to do a code review on Project-X.

 - I'm new to Perl, and could use a mentor.

 - I'm not new to Perl, and would like to mentor someone who is.

 - I'm available as a set of outside eyes for debugging, code review,
   or design review. Here's what I'm good at.

 - I recently heard a cool joke.

 - I recently read a cool book.

 - I recently read a cool article.

 - I recently drank a cool drink.

Michael R. Wolf
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