SPUG: party follow up

Andrew Sweger andrew at sweger.net
Sat Mar 6 17:40:49 CST 2004

We had a great gathering at Colin's last night where we enjoyed fine
snacks, finer beverages, and the finest conversation. A big thank you to
Colin for hosting us in his home. Tim arrived fashionably late. Thanks to
the generous contributions from the SPUG community, Colin and I presented
Tim with a microbrew beer of the month subscription and a glass beer stein
with the following words engraved:

                    SPUG thanks Tim Maher's
                 Contributions and Leadership

                         1998 - 2004

                   Seattle Perl Users Group

                (without Tim, we'd be SPUGless)

Well, to tell the truth, he received a glass mug from a thrift store with
a piece of paper taped to it with the words above printed on it along with
a silhouette of the perl camel. We're still working on getting the actual
stein made (it's the whole White Camel award delay all over again).

Sadly, Tim had to leave the party early. With the full moon high in the
clear black sky, this set the scene for the most serious discussions: the
fate of SPUG. If I err in my retelling, please correct me.

We want to keep things running more or less as they have (why change a
good thing). Most significantly, we're keeping to the regular meeting
schedule on the third Tuesday of each month. Our next meeting will be
Tuesday, March 16th. I am offering an introduction to the perl debugger. 


I believe Jim (Cthulhu) was working on securing a meeting space at a
library (I'll be in touch, Jim). There is also a potential offer to use a
small meeting space at a local company that's being looked into.

We also discussed bringing back the two-talk format where we can have a
beginner/intermediate topic at the start of the meeting followed by more
advanced topics. This has been a very successful format in the past. We're
also interested in bringing back the interactive atmosphere where
discussions and networking become possible (rather than the lecture format
that the Safeco auditorium favors).

Would anyone care to step up to the plate for an advanced topic on March

Again, a big thank you to the SPUG community for your contributions
towards the gifts for Tim. And thanks for being a part of the best Perl
users group in the world.

Andrew B. Sweger -- The great thing about multitasking is that several
                                things can go wrong at once.

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