SPUG: Re: Can this even be done?

Peter Darley pdarley at kinesis-cem.com
Tue Jun 22 17:27:31 CDT 2004

	One potential caveat with any of these except Chris's 'display the page in
a frame and fill the field with javascript' is that it's likely they're
protecting against this type of thing by checking the referrer, which I
don't know if you can fake or not.
	BTW, if you're the Dave Coleman who worked at Service Intelligence for a
bit, drop me a line, I'd be interested in what you've been up to.
Peter Darley

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On Tue, Jun 22, 2004 at 01:22:45PM -0700, Aaron W. West wrote:
> Sounds pretty trivial...shouldn't be hard with LWP. Grab the
> html, do a couple of replacements, then spew the text out to
> your CGI user.
> eg, replace "<input size=10 maxlength=10 name=TO>" with:
> "<input size=10 maxlength=10 name=TO value=\"$phone\">"
> You would also have to change: action="send_message_cgi.asp"
> to:
> Although I see little reason to do this.
> Why not display your own page to the user and post the
> information to the send_message_cgi.asp page from your perl
> script, then display the reponse to the user?

This sounds like it should work. If you go with the first
solution (grab and spew the text out to your CGI user) you should
also fix the image URLs in the HTML. For example,

<img src="../assets/nav/biglogo.gif"

should be replaced with,

<img src="http://storefront.metrocall.com/assets/nav/biglogo.gif"

You could write a regular expression to do this to all the
images. Also you will need to do the same thing to all the href
links in the HTML.

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