SPUG: Can this even be done?

Dave Coleman coleman_dave at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 22 14:45:36 CDT 2004

  I have a new and exciting task in my perl adventures.  I don't know if 
it's even possible to do, but I do know that I don't know how to do it.
  I want to build a link ( or something you can click on, it doesn't need to 
be a link ) on a web page that is under my control that will access a 3rd 
party page ( one that is not under my control ) and automatically fill one 
or more of the text boxes on that page.  I do not need any input from the 
user to do this, the text to be inserted is just a phone number, and I will 
code that.  I just need to open the page, fill one field, and let the user 
fill another field.  If you really want to see the page I'm trying to do 
this to :    
  Any guidance or suggestions would be welcomed.

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