SPUG: Books for auction at next meeting

Tim Maher tim at consultix-inc.com
Sun Jun 20 16:10:22 CDT 2004


Peter Scott has given me a complementary copy of his new Perl
Medic book, which is easily the most important Perl tome of the
new millennium! 8-} I'm very impressed with it, and I'd say
every intermediate-to-advanced JAPH should get a copy and
scrutinize it.

I'll be handing over this book, and a bunch of others, to SPUG
for the purpose of raising money for the Perl Foundation.

YAPC::Buffalo was great, as usual, with lots of interesting
talks and social events. Damian's talk was not surprising, in
the sense that it contained the usual collection of totally
unpredictable topics and events. However, he unexpectedly took
some time to plug YAPC::Australia, which will take place from
Dec 1-4 in Melbourne, in case you're looking for an excuse to
head down under.

You can see a lot of what went on at YAPC over at yapc.kwiki.org.

I expect to miss the July meeting, due to "vacation in Glacier
Park interference", but I hope to see fellow SPUGsters soon one
way or another.

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