SPUG: Re: Re: Thanks :)

dan at concolor.org dan at concolor.org
Mon Jun 14 13:17:04 CDT 2004

>> > But back to the virus question. 195 virii have been blocked. Here is
> I think it's a generational thing - for some reason, folks Dan
> and my age were taught it is always the right way to change
> singular '\w+s' to a plural noun.  Maybe it was a bad understanding
> of latin (though no one told us it had anything to do with latin)
> or maybe it was just the trendy thing to do.  It does sound cool,
> but it's not right.
> virii was in common usage 5-10 years ago, now most are starting
> to correct course back to viruses as is accurate.

Thank goodness for that. All I can plead is the lateness of the hour and
double guessing myself to get the plural right for computer speak. Lord
knows they get it right in biology :).

who should have googled[1] it.

[1] yes, I know this is a newly minted word.

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