SPUG: work for hire, NDA's, and the intellectual commons

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRWolf at att.net
Tue Jun 8 14:39:55 CDT 2004

I'm interested to know how folks have balanced the yin/yang
complementary needs.

 * The body paying me (client or employer) has an understandable
  motivation to protect their intellectual property (IP), the use of
  which is often presented in a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

 * The community has created an amazingly rich culture and
  intellectual commons that I draw from, and can also contribute to.

Perhaps a question or two will help focus the discussion.

Abstract question:

    How do you architect your software and your legal agreements to
    protect your client's IP, honor your NDA, and still participate in
    the intellectual commons?

Concrete problem, derived from abstract:

    If you're using a Perl Module (say, from CPAN) and need to fix a
    BUG or fill in a TODO, do you export your refinements? If so, how?

And a bit of a twist:

    What the Module it's not yet on CPAN, but should be, how does this
    change your behavior?

Michael R. Wolf
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