SPUG: Re: ping anyone around

Aaron W. West tallpeak at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 28 10:32:12 CDT 2004

Oh, sorry, I forgot the /g in my s/ //g (sheesh)

"All your base are belong to us!"

The MLseattle SIG last night met in a bar last night and we learned about
this foreign function interface stub-generator. I don't think it's (yet)
relevant to Perl, though perhaps the author might someday consider creating
a Perl interface... perhaps to bridge Perl to OCaml (though there's already
a perl4caml project).

The problem he's trying to solve is interfacing C libraries of potentially
thousands of functions to OCaml, in a concise way. Perhaps an interface
generator would be useful for XS code (doesn't Inline::C

Forklift is a compiler for fluidly interfacing high level languages (HLLs)
with C header files. It is inspired by the best features of IDL, SWIG, and
NET. In short, it reads a set of unannotated C header files and a set of
pattern matching description about them, and outputs stub code and interface
files, ready to be called from your favorite HLL.


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