SPUG: Opening for Perl Programmer in Redmond

Andrew Sweger andrew at sweger.net
Tue Jul 27 12:46:23 CDT 2004

Request for Perl Programmers from Steve Marsh:

Seeking Object-Oriented Perl/Windows Programmer.

Company seeks Perl programmer for development and maintenance of extensive
system of web spiders and formatters handling gigabytes of text data.  Must
have 1-2 years of experience using Perl in a Windows-only environment.  This
is _not_ a CGI web development position, presentation of data is handled by
a different team.

Skill requirements:

  * regular expressions (in depth)
  * DBI (SQL Server via DBD::ODBC)
  * web scraping via LWP
  * object-oriented Perl
  * reuse of code vs. rewriting
  * knowledge of Windows commands, tools, and quirks
  * knowledge of available Perl packages

Additional useful skills/knowledge

  * Argus    (www.ICENI.com)
  * Doxygen  (www.doxygen.org)
  * dtSearch (www.dtSearch.com)
  * WordPort (www.ACII.com)

While strong Windows sysadmin skills are a plus, this is _not_ a maintenance
scripting position.  The existing system is heavily object-oriented and
candidates will be expected to work within the framework that has been
constructed.  We believe that Perl is 'real' programming language, not
'just' a scripting language, and we code accordingly.

Job Details:

  permanent, no contracts
  no stock option incentive plans at this time
  candidate deals directly with employer
  W-2 only, with benefits
  located in Redmond, WA
  no telecommuting

The company provides Internet subscription-based Case Law research access:



  Fax/email resumes to 425.250.1057, exec at versuslaw.com

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