SPUG: Perl oddity?

Colin Meyer cmeyer at helvella.org
Thu Jan 29 12:53:14 CST 2004

On Thu, Jan 29, 2004 at 10:46:08AM -0800, O'neil, Jerome wrote:
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> > ... speaking of which, how many Perl programmers make use of prototypes
> > on a regular basis? It seems that most of my modules are OO, and method
> > calls in Perl ignore the prototype, so I end up seldomly using them.
> Same here.  It'd be nice to have a runtime flag that enforced prototypes.

Perl prototypes are enforced at compile time. The problem is that OO
method call resolution takes place at runtime in Perl. I'm not familiar
enough with the prototype mechanism to know if enforcing them at runtime
is feasible. I'm guessing that it is not, because that desireable
feature hasn't shown up yet.


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