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Ken Clarke kenslinux at shaw.ca
Sun Jan 25 05:32:33 CST 2004

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> To be sure, I much prefer the NPH solution previously posted. Still,
> those who do not know their history are doomed to relive it - or
> possibly reinvent it. :-)
> -Joshua

In this case, unfortunately, we are doomed.  William's server push solution
revisits the problem that Internet Explorer doesn't support it.  I too
thought this solution looked interesting so I played around with it a bit
this evening (not knowing my history :).  Unfortunately, Internet Explorer
doesn't support the x-mixed-replace mime type.  It simply renders all
content blocks one after the other, including the boundary string and block
content header.  See for yourself at:
http://perlprogrammer.net/cgi-bin/nph-progressbar.cgi  Sure looks sweet in
some of the other browsers doesn't it?

A quick google on "x-mixed-replace" will show that IE has never supported
server push in this fashion.

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