SPUG: Showing progress in the browser

Michael R. Wolf MichaelRWolf at att.net
Fri Jan 23 19:08:51 CST 2004

Luis Medrano <lmzaldivar at mac.com> writes:

> List,
> I have a question I would like to show the progress on the CGI on the
> browser for example 10%, 20% 40% of complision. or something like
> that...Any one knows how I can do this??..

I remember Damian talking about some progress bars. Anyone remember

Perhaps it was in ~damian/bin -- not a Perl-ish answer.

Anyone know where to get a tarball of ~damian/bin? I know he didn't
have it ready when he spoke about it at SPUG, but it got cooked (for
some definition of cooked) for his OSCON gig.

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