SPUG: Asset Management

North, Walter wnorth at state.mt.us
Thu Jan 22 13:32:09 CST 2004

Hi all,

We are looking for what I think would be named an asset management tool.
( GPL liscensed )

At any rate it would contain information about hardware, OS, and other
information we currently collect, along with such more or less static
information like system name, function, location etc.

Currently we have several files with this info that need updating every
time we add/change/dump a server and would like to consolidate this
into a single location, like say a Mysql DB with a web front end to 
display and update etc the information.

We could roll our own, but if there is already a useable tool out there
then we would rather save ourselves the time and effort and use it.  

So are there any recommendations?


Walter North 406-444-2914 
Operating Systems Programmer 
wnorth (at) state (dot) mt (dot) us

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