SPUG: The future of SPUG

Tim Maher tim at consultix-inc.com
Fri Jan 16 17:22:00 CST 2004


As indicated a few weeks back, I'm relinquishing the reins of
SPUG after the 2/17th meeting, which happens to also be the last
meeting that SPUG will have at Safeco (unless somebody can round
up a new Safeco employee as a sponsor).

I hope many of you have found the existence of SPUG to be an
asset to your professional careers, as I have. If so, I strongly
encourage you to step forward and play a part in keeping it
going, because it will be much harder to rekindle the flames of
SPUG after a hiatus than it will be to keep it alive.

If I'm the only guy who cares enough about SPUG to work to
preserve it, then it deserves to die along with my retirement
(which by the way is exactly what happened to E-SPUG, the
East-side chapter, when "Emperor Ryan" retired).

But it would be a shame if SPUG were to die just because
well-intentioned individuals never got around to doing anything
to avoid that eventuality.

It's impossible to overemphasize the fact that the future of
SPUG is in your hands.  Don't sit on them!

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