SPUG: SPUG is dead, long live SPUG!

Colin Meyer cmeyer at helvella.org
Fri Feb 20 19:29:47 CST 2004


Our indefatigable leader, Tim, after six years of organizing and
promoting SPUG has become fatigued and is stepping down. I'd like to
offer a huge THANKS to Tim for all his hard work!

Michael Wolf had the idea to throw a SPUG party to show our appreciation
for Tim, and all that he has done for us, as well as focus on the new
organization and leadership for SPUG. I'm going to host that party.

     Event: SPUG is dead, long live SPUG party
      Date: Friday, March 5
      Time: 8PM-1AM
  Location: Colin's house (Skyway neighborhood of Seattle)
      RSVP: to get driving directions

Come prepared so celebrate the greatness of SPUG, and to join in
and volunteer to help keep this fantastic group going!

Tim will bring along his White Camel award, "so we can anoint it with
fine Belgian ales in attempts to appease the Forces of Python. 8-}"

I'll supply a Belgian ale or three, some other beers and some whiskey
and vodka. Bring along your favorite beverage or snack.

Have fun,

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