SPUG: Perl Mongers Hosting Changes

Andrew Sweger andrew at sweger.net
Wed Dec 29 23:11:37 CST 2004

For those that have seen the following and were wondering, I'm aware of
the changes and already took care of it. Hopefully everything will switch
over smoothly.

> Early in 2005 the pm.org server that hosts a large number of Perl Monger
> web sites and mailing lists will be moving and will become part of the
> perl.org server farm.
> We are planning to take this opportunity to remove a lot of inactive
> web sites and mailing lists and will therefore only be moving over sites
> and lists that are specifically requested by PM groups.
> If you're the leader of a PM group that uses these services then you
> need to send an email to user_groups at pm.org with the subject "Please
> save xxx.pm". Within the email please list the web sites and mailing
> lists that you want saved.
> If you're a member of a PM group that uses this services, them please
> do what you can to ensure that your group leader is aware of these
> forthcoming changes.

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