SPUG: replace a text to other inside a file

Umar Cheema umar at drizzle.com
Tue Dec 28 01:48:20 CST 2004

I usually take care of these things by running a perl regex on the command 

$ perl -pi.bak -e 's/\.txt$//g' some_file.txt

where 'some_file.txt' is your file that contains some text. You can 
modify the regex to match your requirements and/or file's content 
structure (this regex will not work if you expect to have multiple .txt 
patterns on the same line or if .txt is not the last thing on the line, etc). 
You can also pass in *.txt as an argument to replace your text in multiple 

The .bak will create backups of your original file (some_file.txt.bak) 
incase you make a mistake. You can leave the .bak part out if you're a 
confident and fearless man who laughs at the word 'mistake'.


On Tue, 28 Dec 2004, Sachin Chaturvedi wrote:

> i want to change some text inside file to other using perl 
> for example
> file contains
> source ../setextreme.txt
> and i want to change it to 
> source ../../setextreme
> can u tell me if i can do using perl script.
> i am not getting much help from text book
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