SPUG: Call for proof-readers, "Minimal Perl"

Tim Maher tim at consultix-inc.com
Tue Dec 21 12:43:03 CST 2004


I'm in the final stages of writing my "Minimal Perl for UNIX/Linux
People" book for Manning ("the publisher Damian made famous"), and
would appreciate some proof-reading help from those who are feeling
awash in the "giving spirit" of the holiday season. 8-}

I've got four chapters ranging from 25-50 pages in length that
need to be scrutinized by people other than me (because I'm
oblivious to my own mistakes), on the topics of Built-in Perl
functions, the List Data Type, Scripting Techniques, and "Perl as
a (better) AWK command." For the AWK chapter, some understanding
of AWK is required, and for the other chapters, an understanding
of the basics of (non-C) shell programming is needed.

Please let me know which chapters you would be willing to review,
and to provide feedback on by the year's end.  After all, what else
are you gonna read on those lengthy plane rides back and forth to
Grandma's house for the holidaze? 

Apart from the invaluable karmic rewards that will accrue to you,
your contribution will be mentioned in the book, which is slated
to come out in April.

What, no money? Well, I'd he happy to pay you for your help, if
it weren't for the fact that it will be a miracle if I make more
than "minimum wage" myself from its eventual sales, considering
that I've invested 18 months of my life in writing this
"minimal" tome!

Why is it taking so long? Because along the way I've written my
own enhanced version of POD, to help me write the book, and Magicpoint-
EZ, for pre-publication presentations at conferences, and
Shell::POSIX::Select to bring the shell's "select" loop to Perl,
so I wouldn't have to lamely say "there's one shell loop missing
from Perl" in my Looping chapter.

And it's been fun! But isn't it a pity; all things must pass.
(Yes, I'm still watching the "Concert for George" DVD daily, and
still marveling at it -- I highly recommend it!)

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