SPUG: Meeting Announcement -- Double Header - 17 August 2004

Andrew Sweger andrew at sweger.net
Wed Aug 11 23:34:06 CDT 2004

             August Seattle Perl Users Group (SPUG) Meeting
       Title: Number Puzzler made possible by Object Oriented Perl
     Speaker: Tom Coleman


       Title: Zope / Plone
     Speaker: Bill Campbell

Meeting Date: Tuesday, August 17, 2004 
Meeting Time: 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. (networking 6:30 - 7:00)
    Location: Geospiza
              3411 Thorndyke Avenue West (See directions below)
        Cost: Admission is free and open to the general public
        Info: http://seattleperl.org/


Hey, I know August seems like a slow month for everything. This is the
perfect time to sit and enjoy a couple of fun presentations. We are once
again meeting at Geospiza. Expect to see old friends, enemies, and
complete strangers all speaking some form of Perl (at every level). Expect
to be exposed to 2.4GHz frequency hopping non-ionizing non-licensed
radiation (i.e., 802.11b/g WiFi). Packet transit to what's left of the
Internet provided gratis (i.e., free as in the beer) by our hosts at
Geospiza. If you want to exchange PGP/GnuPG signatures, please contact me
with your public key directly (now!) and I'll bring fingerprint checklists
for participants.

And now a word or dword about our speakers and their presentations:

Tom Coleman has nine years of experience programming with C++ and one
year with Visual Basic, Visual Test, and Perl. He currently works for
Siemens Medical in Issaquah where they design software and hardware for
ultrasound medical equipment. After working for three years in software
with Siemens, Tom transitioned to automated testing where he creates and
runs scripts. Tom's first technical job was creating reports for a food
services company where he enjoyed automating the process to create more
free time.

In the daily Seattle PI there is this 4x4 number puzzler. Tom is too
cheap to purchase the paper, and was too lazy to surf the net and find an
online source of them. Perl came to the rescue to help him roll his own.
Creating a puzzle was one thing, finding a solution was another, finding
all possible solutions, and rating the difficulty of the puzzle was yet
another.  The challenge became too complicated for me using traditional
procedural scripting. Conway entered via his book on object oriented
Perl and saved the day.


	- An introduction to the PI puzzler
		- I'll bring enough for everybody to try it we can have
		  a race with pencils and paper (they take about 5 minutes
		  by hand)

	- An introduction to how object oriented perl made it possible
		- rough view of the procedural attempt
		- rough view of the object oriented solution

	- A hands on introduction to how a "class" helped solve the
	  problem by hiding or "encapsulate" the complicated stuff
		- organize the complicated data into clusters
		- give interface of functions to apply to these clusters

	- Debates about when to use object oriented perl
		- i.e. blackjack, tic tac toe, data extraction for


Bill Campbell has over 38 years in the computer industry. He is an
expert in software and hardware, an experienced troubleshooter of
computer problems, and a specialist in Linux and Unix applications. He
has extensive experience installing complex networks, combining Unix,
MS-Windows and Apple systems. Most recently, he has become an Internet
guru, and has installed Internet Service Providers throughout the
United States.

Note: Although Mr. Campbell has kindly offered to speak at our meeting, he
has informed us that he might be called away at the last minute to attend
to other more urgent matters. Such is the way of the technology world.

Plone is a CMF (Content Management Framework) that gives the web site
designer considerable flexibility while making it easy for people who
aren't HTML experts. Bill will cover the following topics related to
Plone and Zope.

	- Join a Plone site which makes you a member of the site with
	  your own directory.
	- Log in to a Plone site to give you privileged access to your
	  Member area. You may also have other privileges, Manager, Owner,
	  Editor, etc. allowing you extra privileges and access on the
	  main site.
	- Edit existing documents.
	- Create new Documents, Folders, Events, etc. on your site. For
	  the purpose of this document, the term ``objects'' refers to
	  Plone Documents, Folders, Events, etc. The object type will only
	  be specified if it's important in the context.
	- Delete documents.
	- Hide objects or make them visible.
	- Submit objects for publication.


Directions to Geospiza:
    3411 Thorndyke Ave. W
    Seattle, WA 98119

By carpool: (send requests to spug-list at pm.org)
    Definately a more fun way to spend the driving time.

By Bus: (http://transit.metrokc.gov/)
    The 15 & 18 stop at West Dravus Street on 15th Avenue
    The 44, 46 get to Ballard at Market St & 15th Ave
      (1/2 mile walk, xfer to 15 or 18 at Walgreen's, request a pick-up)
    The 75 gets to Ballard 4 blocks from Walgreens (see 44, 46)
    The 17 stops south of the Ballard Bridge

Coming from I-5:
1 - EXIT onto 50th Street toward Seattle Pacific University 
    (Larry & Gloria Wall's Alma Mater)

2 - TURN SLIGHT LEFT at light at bottom of hill onto Green Lake Way
    North (following signs toward Fisherman's Terminal)

3 - TURN SLIGHT RIGHT (following traffic flow) onto N 46th St
    (Following signs to Ballard)

4 - FOLLOW TRAFFIC WINDING down the hill into Ballard 
    TO JOIN NW 55th Street, which is called Market Steet at this point

5 - TURN LEFT onto 15th Ave NW
    (a major intersection - Safeway, Walgreens, Denny's)

6 - CROSS the Ballard Bridge

7 - RIGHT EXIT onto West Dravus Street (West Dravus Street is the
    major overpass over 15th Ave West that leads into Magnolia. It's
    south of the Ballard Bridge, north of the Interbay Golf Center.)

8 - RIGHT TURN onto West Dravus Street, westbound

9 - STRAIGHT for 2 blocks, passing QFC on right

10 - TURN RIGHT onto 17th Ave West (turns into Thorndyke Ave West)

11 - STRAIGHT for 1.25 blocks

12 - Geospiza is on your left: 3411 Thorndyke Avenue West

Coming from Downtown:

1 - Get onto Elliot Avenue West, heading north

2 - SLIGHT RIGHT onto 15th Avenue West

3 - RIGHT EXIT onto West Dravus Street

4 - TURN LEFT onto West Dravus Street, westbound

5 - You're now within 1/2 mile. See directions above.

6 - STRAIGHT for 2 blocks, passing QFC on right

7 - TURN RIGHT onto 17th Ave West (turns into Thorndyke Ave West)

8 - STRAIGHT for 1.25 blocks

9 - Geospiza is on your left: 3411 Thorndyke Avenue West


Mapquest:  http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?country=US&countryid=250&addtohistory=&searchtab=address&searchtype=address&address=3411+Thorndyke+Ave.+W&city=Seattle&state=wa&zipcode=&search=++Search++

Yahoo! Maps: http://maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?ed=XKC6Qup_0ToFdKje6jM_UZzJhylBjoFqlp8tBW5T&csz=seattle%2C+wa&country=us&new=1&name=&qty=

(I hope I got all that right. I'm not checking it again.)

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