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On Thursday 05 August 2004 3:49 pm, Tim Maher wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 05, 2004 at 03:08:02PM -0700, Brian Ingerson wrote:
> > This a very interesting thread. But email threads eventually die. We
> > probably need to meet in person (for some definition of we). In the
> > meantime I've set up:
> We're meeting tonight at 6:30 at the La Palma restaurant, just South of
> the Ballard Bridge on the East side.  It's between Dravus, the major
> street (with a stoplight) you would turn onto to get to the GeoSpiza
> building, and the bridge.

The meeting was fun and we got to talk a lot about what the consortium 
should provide and how we can all participate in it.

I set up a mailing list on my home server:

SPC-subscribe at jonathangardner.net

Adam Monsen promised to write down the notes he took on the new wiki.


Everyone is invited to come join and discuss. It looks like the SPC is 
going to change its name shortly, and it will fall into two entities. But 
the overall idea of being specifically perl was voted down. "Open Source" 
is the name of the game.

The advocacy entity will be responsible for schmoozing with the suits. 
They will hold bi-annual conferences, publish studies, and otherwise 
publicize "objectively" the work of the consultant group.

The consultant group is still in draft, but the basic idea is to get 
consultants working with marketers, salespeople, accountants, and 
lawyers. They pool their resources and develop superior software 
solutions for a fraction of the price.

When the consultant group is large enough, it will start to tackle 
monumental projects and provide the kind of enterprise support that the 
big, extremely profitable contracts need.

We discussed some business ideas and there are some very exciting vertical 
markets to tackle.

We are having another meeting, tentatively at my house in Federal Way 
Thursday night, and everyone interested is invited. We are going to reach 
out to the other open source communities in the area (GSLUG, TACLUG, 
SeaPig, and others).

It looks like we will develop the advocacy group first, and then hopefully 
that will make the job of developing the consultant group that much 

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