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Wed Aug 4 00:19:40 CDT 2004

On Tue, Aug 03, 2004 at 07:12:23PM -0700, Adam Monsen wrote:
> > SPC will be basically non-profit. All the profit from the actual work goes
> > into the pockets of the consultants, with perhaps a small cut to go back to
> > the SPC to fund more of its activities.

IANAL, but on the other hand I have played that role many times,
with the help of some Nolo Press books, and I've won accolades
from the real laywers I've been up against for my achievements.

With that in mind, IMHO, what you're describing would be a normal
"Domestic Profit Corporation", with "Section S" tax-filing
status, rather than a non-profit (or perhaps it could also be an
LLC, but I digress). The reason is the only money the
"consultants" could take out of a non-profit would be a
"reasonable salary", not a share of all "profits".

> Could it really be 501(c)(3)? That would be cool.

Not the way it's described above, but perhaps it could spawn
a separate 501c3 corp.l for the purpose of doing some
non-profit work too.

> Thoughts?
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