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Tim Maher tim at consultix-inc.com
Tue Aug 3 15:05:45 CDT 2004

On Tue, Aug 03, 2004 at 10:44:58AM -0700, Jonathan Gardner wrote:
> I have a proposal  ...
> we form a corporation called the Seattle Perl Consortium (SPC). 
> We have members who are perl consultants. They pay membership fees. We buy 
> advertising and we have a team of marketers and salespeople to convince the 
> PHBs that perl is the way to go with glossy handouts and snazzy powerpoint 
> presentations. The SPC acts like the marketing department for our small 
> consultancies. With enough members and a big enough budget, we should be 
> able to challenge anything Microsoft or Sun would do to market their stuff.

(I think that last sentence is an unnecessary stretch, that
undermines the proposal -- especially since Sun is only a shadow
of its former self at this point -- so I'll ignore this part of
an otherwise good proposal, and respond generally.)

I think there's a lot of merit to this idea, and I've heard of
other groups of consultants profiting by banding together in
various forms.

In fact, I've been thinking that "Perlity" (my pet term for the
Perl Community) would benefit from a "Perl Professional
Institute", that does for the whole world of Perl some of what
you're proposing we do on a local basis -- most especially, act
as a liaison to businesses who want to learn more about Perl,
help market the language, find out what businesses like and
disklike about Perl, what their misunderstandings about it are,
and basically "put a face" on the language.

Where do I sign up? 8-}

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