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Mon Aug 2 21:36:48 CDT 2004

Now you are on Ryan Way, a twisty road that goes uphill for a bit.
Ryan ends at a T, with a flashing red light.
Right onto 51st AVE S. Go about the equivalent of four blocks.
Left onto Bangor St.  You can only go left on Bangor, and it
  slightly hard to see, so watch out for it.
Right onto 57 AVE S.  This is a dead end st.  I'm second up
  from the bottom, on the right hand side. White picket fence,
  blue siding.

You can park in front of my house, or at the end of the street.
Please don't block my neighbor's driveway.

If you plan on attending, send me (not the list) a note,
so I can get an approximate head count.

See you there. 

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