SPUG: ADDENDUM: LAST CALL for Linuxfest NW 2004!

Ken Meyer kmeyer at blarg.net
Fri Apr 16 16:33:04 CDT 2004

Sorry, should have mentioned the potential loot:

The fest typically has a great raffle, with many really drooly items
contributed.  This is the main source of Fest income to cover their
expenses, such as the very professional posters, security services, etc.
Contribute and ye shall be rewarded.

Fibercloud is giving away some super (and expensive) co-lo service; see the
after-event sign-up site for info.

The Pogo People will be giving away an Athlon-64 computer!  I understand it
will be via their own "fish-bowl" at their exhibitor's table.

Check it out.

Ken Meyer

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