SPUG: Getting / Putting data to a MS Excell Spreadsheet

Jim Ludwig jsl at blarg.net
Tue Apr 13 15:29:31 CDT 2004

I've used both Spreadsheet::ParseExcel and
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel.  They both have worked
great for my needs.  The WriteExcel module is

The parsed spreadsheets were created in a Windows
environment and parsed in a Linux environment.
The generated spreadsheets were created in a Linux
environment and used in a Windows environment.

I'd be happy to talk about my experiences with
either or both on- or off-list.


Dan Ebert wrote:
>> Subject: Re: SPUG: Getting / Putting data to a MS Excell Spreadsheet
>> From: Dan Ebert <mathin at mathin.com>
>> To: "North, Walter" <wnorth at state.mt.us>
>> Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 13:05:31 -0700
>> Cc: "Spug (E-mail)" <spug-list at pm.org>
>> I use the Spreadsheet::WriteExcel CPAN module
>> to create Excel sheets. Its perldoc recommends
>> Spreadsheet::ParseExcel for reading them, but I
>> haven't used it myself.
>> Dan.
>> On Tue, 2004-04-13 at 12:50, North, Walter wrote:
>> > Hi all,
>> > 	I know I've seen this somewhere, perhaps
>> > 	some kind soul can point me in the right
>> > 	direction.
>> > 
>> > I would like to create/update and get data
>> > from a spreadsheet, in particular MS Excel.
>> > The data resides in a mysql database and in
>> > particular I would like to create a
>> > spreadsheet from it.  And allow users, in
>> > particular management, to update the database
>> > via the spreadsheet as I don't really have
>> > time to set up a spreadsheet looking web
>> > interface at this time.
>> > 
>> > I really don't want to have to learn VBS or
>> > whatever and would prefer to use perl or php.
>> > I can do the db stuff but getting the data in
>> > and out of the spreadsheet via script has
>> > left me scratching my head.
>> > 
>> > thanks much in advance

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