SPUG: Getting / Putting data to a MS Excell Spreadsheet

Fred Morris m3047 at inwa.net
Tue Apr 13 15:02:30 CDT 2004

At 1:50 PM 4/13/04, North, Walter wrote:
>Hi all,
>        I know I've seen this somewhere, perhaps some kind soul
>        can point me in the right direction.
>I would like to create/update and get data from a spreadsheet,
>in particular MS Excel.  The data resides in a mysql database
>and in particular I would like to create a spreadsheet from
>it.  And allow users, in particular management, to update the
>database via the spreadsheet [...].
>I really don't want to have to learn VBS or whatever and would
>prefer to use perl or php.

Use neither if you can find an ODBC driver which will let you publish your
database as a data source. You should be able to read the data, in any
case. Updating it is a larger problem which depends on the quality of the
ODBC driver and your database skills.


Fred Morris
fredm3047 at inwa.net (I-ACK)

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