SPUG: 0 == undef

Peter Darley pdarley at kinesis-cem.com
Wed Apr 7 13:43:53 CDT 2004

	This doesn't pass the following test tho:

my $Test1 = 5;
my $Test2 = "5.0";
if ("$Test1" eq "$Test2") {print "OK\n"}
else {print "Crap!\n"}

Peter Darley

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if ("$Test1" eq "$Test2") {print "Crap!\n"}

>>> "Peter Darley" <pdarley at kinesis-cem.com> 04/07/04 02:26PM >>>
	I'm wondering if there's any way to get 0 to not equal undef.  When I do:

my ($Test1, $Test2) = 0, undef;
if ($Test1 == $Test2) {print "Crap!\n"}
else {print "OK\n"}

	I find out that 0==undef.
	I'm also wondering what the thinking here is?
Peter Darley

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