SPUG: Ordered Hash Tie Class

Ingmar Ellenberger iee2 at site42.com
Tue Apr 6 12:03:13 CDT 2004

Anyone have a suggestion where I can get a good class for an ordered
hash tie?  I wrote one myself, but I'm looking for something

(Link to my version:
 - Revision 1.4 will be there as soon as Sourceforge syncs things up)

I need it to be able to handle multiple values for a given key and have
handlers to deal with them.

What I'm REALLY trying to do is create tools to manipulate Java property
files while while maintaining comments and whitespace.

I have the tools mostly completed, but I'm not completely satisfied with
the APIs I've designed (designed on the fly) and I was hoping that there
may be something out there I could use as a reference.

Any thoughts?  Thanks.

   - Ingmar

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